Ready and waiting!

Mr JWW’s New Production Bunker @ BH

Trip and overnight at Bicester Heritage (BH)

AMR Meet At Goodwood (Halo Squad)

Carbon Nose Fitted

New carbon grille looks epic alongside the existing carbon splitter. Why the first owner did not spec this nose with all the other carbon fitted from new I have no idea! Falling in love with her even more.

PC & Marcus Living The Dream

Circle Of Life

I originally owned one of the first 4.3L Vantages (which included the first ever carbon fibre ‘waterfall’ central console which was a unique made to order request), now I own one of the very last of the breed a 4.7L AMR Special Edition.

LOUD AS !**!

The Perfect 3 Car Garage

Secondary Cats Are Off

I have just nipped into the guys at Quicksilver R&D in Witley who have whipped off the secondary cats and popped on some straight pipe to replace. Just driven the 3 miles home and said hello to a whole new world of awesome sound(s)! Thanks to Ben, Ollie and Paul. I really appreciate you guys – exhaust geniuses!

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