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Spa Francorchamps

So SPR took to the track at Spa on Monday 23rd May 2011. A day both Brian and I will not forget in a hurry. There is only one word for it: AWESOME! Flying through Eau Rouge at 100mph+ time and time again will live forever in ones mind. The whole four mile circuit is superb as it weaves up and down through a natural bowl in the forest.

The day was blessed with clear blue skies, a warm sun, and track temperatures which just climbed and climbed, this meant on went the slicks. They quickly got all lovely and sticky giving huge grip and covering SPR in rubber marks as the tyres marbled in protest to being pounded around the track for hour after hour. In fact we had 8hrs of open pit to play with.

Below is a small gallery of images which sum the day up:

Now thats a picture! (Spa 2011)

Pocket Rocket mk2 – meet FPO

Finally a couple of shots of the new run around:

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