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PC & Marcus Living The Dream

FoS 2018 – Highlights

Another amazing Festival Of Speed day with the boys. For me the best car of the show was the Singer Porsche DLS, one word AWESOME. I went online and found out that they will make 75 units with an asking price of around $1.8m… ouch. We can but dream.


Its All About The Aston

Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2017 Goes Blue

Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2017 Goes Yellow

Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2017 Goes Green

Another Vintage Year


IMG_1780 IMG_1774 IMG_1773 IMG_1770 IMG_1757 IMG_1755

Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2013

Here is the pick of the bunch this year:

2012 Brighton Speed Trial

A few pictures from a mental day. I have signed up to do 2013 in SPR.

Lotus Shines at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012

Goodwood FOS celebrates 60 years of Lotus with a spectacular display of F1 cars past and present!

Some of the best road cars on display included the NEW Lotus Exige and Evora GTE. The best of the rest included the NOBLE M600 and CLK AMG Black.

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