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2012 Brighton Speed Trial

A few pictures from a mental day. I have signed up to do 2013 in SPR.

Sweet shot of both SPR and Hell Yeah

Hell Yeah has had a new nose and paint job, looking very sweet – she is a one off now (recently had a heap of coverage in  American Car Magazine) you can find out more at which is the forum for stangs run by our man Nick.

NEW Wheels for the Abarth

I have just taken delivery of a set of beautiful Abarth 500 Team Dynamics Motorsport Custom Painted (Pasadoble Red) Pro Race 1.2 Alloy Wheels plus spacers. Plus a de-cat pipe is on the way to make the exhaust sound fuller. Hmmm now what else can I bolt on…

Open Wide!

Cadwell Park – part 2

We finally managed to arrive at our hotel having endured a journey of over 7 hours – ouch – numb bum! The following day was just glorious, sun up, track dry, loads of young lads in Vauxhall Nova’s and 205GTi’s to go car baiting against. First time to Cadwell, what a lovely fast circuit which is a cross between Nurburgring and Spa. Just fab.

Interestingly there were a number of Abarth 500’s on track, all quick (though some had been tuned), I think its time I stripped mine, popped a role cage in, bigger brakes and off we go 🙂

Getting To Cadwell Park

The challenge was not Cadwell Park the race track, but actually getting the cars to the track. Here we are all broken down in a ‘Park & Ride’ car park near Hatfield. SPR’s exhaust had come apart and she sounded like a Typhoon Fighter Jet (brill on one level), the AA came and fixed, and it feel apart again after 7 miles down the A1(M). So I wore my crash helmet for 120 miles acting as an ear defender kind of thing – sort of worked. Managed to scare quite a few commuters, particualrly at roundabouts under heavy acceleration. Awesome noise!

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