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Hiding Underground

Boys On Tour

Marcus and I at the 2016 Goodwood Revival. Don’t we look smart.


Little Red Pocket Rocket

In Great Company

Front Suspension Upgrade

My third and final bug bear was with the very twitchy front end. Straight out the box the car loved to trameline and then every so often decide to launch you towards the bushes. Not very predictable and tad unsettling at high speed! Jamie Potter of Alfaworks has found the solution by working with Lotus they have developed a set of 8 modified wishbone spacers that changed the camber and castor and together with new toe settings transformed the handling beyond believe. I highly recommend this fix to every 4C owner. To find out more go to:

Exhaust Tips

My second bug bear was the original silver double ring race exhaust tips. So I had them cut off and a set of carbon fibre 10cm diameter Quicksilver tips grafted on. For me it finishes the backend off perfectly, and adds an element of aggression to go with all that lovely noise.

Wheel Spacers Fitted

One of my three bug bears has finally been sorted and it involves the wheels being set to far into the wheel arches. So 20mm spacers have been added to the back, and 16mm to the front. Here are some before and after pictures.





Perfect Proportion

An Early Morning Start

Caught as the sun comes up!

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