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Guess who I met today?

Meet my new BBC work colleague. Next stop Silverstone.

Mike Copper Tuition

I and a friend Stuart spent an informative day at Jonathan Palmer’s Bedford Aerodrome under the tuition of Mike Copper using a track prepared MR2 for us to play with (very similar in feel to a Lotus Elise). Mike first evaluated our driving styles and then started fixing our various problems which there were many! For me the big news of the day was to be encouraged to take the braking phase deep into a corner and really load up the front wheels to help with mechanical grip as you feed out the brake and applied the throttle through the apex. This technique really allowed a whole new level of control through the corner and made for faster exit speeds.

Meet Richard – a genuine clubman motorsport racer

Meet our most sophisticated driver – Marcus

Herr Marcus

Race shorts are so hot right now.

The Stig’s Bastard Son Revealed

Pre-Stig PC fashion

Meet the Stig’s Bastard cousin ‘Nick’

Meet the Stig’s Blue Cousin ‘PC’

Please feel free to laugh and make fun…

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