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Best Christmas Present Part 1 – Playmobil Aston Martin DBS

Comes with all the gadgets: revolving number plates, bullet screen, ejection seat, headlight machine guns, and wheel blades. Also includes Bond and Oddjob.

We have been expecting you…

Latest cars to be snapped in my John Lewis car park series.

Astunday Event @ HWM

Invited down to be one of the cars on display 🙂

Hello Kennels

Its been over 6 months since we have been able to do a Sunday brekki run. Bombed down with my village chum Richard in his beautiful N430 with our lovely other halves Jo and Lucy and enjoyed a bacon butty and a mug of coffee.

Shinny & Clean Once Again

Dream Aston

Meet the Zagato DB4 GT. This one is owned by Richard Meins.


Press to play…

In good company today @ the Kennels

The McLaren MP4-12C is such a pretty car, it has aged so well. I would have one of those any day over a 570S/720S/GT or even a 600LT (though I do like those too!).

Dawn Raid

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