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SPR Gets Her Stripes

Some just captured images of SPR’s new stripes plus development work.

SPR Races For The First Time At The GRRC Sprint

She may not have been the quickest car there but PC and Brian set the 11th and 12th fastest start times measured over 0-64ft, its just a shame the other 2.4 miles were not quite as quick.

Steve McQueen’s quote from Le Mans summed up the day: ‘Racing is life, everything else, before and after, is just waiting around ‘ – brilliant!

Read the full report under SPR 2010 Race Diary plus loads of pics.

Another SPR Spy Shot

Fresh in from the workshop is a shot of SPR with her roundels and rear wheel arch spats (not the best pic in the world but you get the idea).

AT LAST the seats have arrived for SPR!

It means the car will be ready for Saturday – the excitement builds.

SPR’s seats are in!

The seats and harnesses are in, plus fire extinguisher, plus we have our timing strut. Here are a few more spy shots, but she is looking like a proper little racer now.

SPR Breaks Cover

Here are a few shots of SPR all finished. Typical it rains on the day she leaves Back On Track (where she has been prepared) on her cut race slicks for her first journey!

SPR – Trackday Goodwood 13.3.10

Brian said today; ‘This is me having my mid-life crises, and you know what its bloody marvelous!’

Here are a couple of pictures of our first trackday with SPR at the historic Goodwood Race Circuit. You can see more pictures under the ‘SPR 2010 Race Diary’ page.

SPR Laps Goodwood (Tentatively)


Footage from my first laps of Goodwood in the newly track-prepared SPR.  The brakes and the tyres have been sorted – the car now goes around corners and stops when you press the pedal in the middle!

Goodwood Sprint Practice Day

Marcus and I have just got back from a very damp practice morning ahead of the Sprint on Easter Monday. I can safely say that Marcus’s Radical is VERY fast, while SPR is alot slower – no surprise there – however our little Lotus should be competitive in her class. For Marcus this was the end of a four month wait to drive ‘The Red Devil’ as the Radical has been nick named. He was more than happy with his purchase and it certainly lived up to expectation.

You can read full details on my runs on the SPR Race Diary page.

Jo hits the track

The wife has caught the bug. Here is Jo preparing to go out on track with one of Goodwood’s driving instructors. After a slow and nervous start she soon got into the groove. Trouble was at the end of the day Jo said “when can I go again”!

Also note SPR’s new light weight Rota wheels (shod with slicks), they look great and help with turn in.

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