New daily has arrived!

Lotus Emira – next to join the garage!

Not sure how they can be selling this car from £60K its a supercar for sportscar money. All the reviews so far have been amazing. So my choice is going to be Dark Verdant, tan leather, a V6 manual, black pack, Evija inspired wheels and yellow brakes.

New Daily On Its Way

Hello Kennels

Its been over 6 months since we have been able to do a Sunday brekki run. Bombed down with my village chum Richard in his beautiful N430 with our lovely other halves Jo and Lucy and enjoyed a bacon butty and a mug of coffee.

Shinny & Clean Once Again

Dream Aston

Meet the Zagato DB4 GT. This one is owned by Richard Meins.


Press to play…

In good company today @ the Kennels

The McLaren MP4-12C is such a pretty car, it has aged so well. I would have one of those any day over a 570S/720S/GT or even a 600LT (though I do like those too!).

Dawn Raid

Manual Control

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