Carbon Nose Fitted

New carbon grille looks epic alongside the existing carbon splitter. Why the first owner did not spec this nose with all the other carbon fitted from new I have no idea! Falling in love with her even more.

PC & Marcus Living The Dream

Circle Of Life

I originally owned one of the first 4.3L Vantages (which included the first ever carbon fibre ‘waterfall’ central console which was a unique made to order request), now I own one of the very last of the breed a 4.7L AMR Special Edition.

LOUD AS !**!

The Perfect 3 Car Garage

Secondary Cats Are Off

I have just nipped into the guys at Quicksilver R&D in Witley who have whipped off the secondary cats and popped on some straight pipe to replace. Just driven the 3 miles home and said hello to a whole new world of awesome sound(s)! Thanks to Ben, Ollie and Paul. I really appreciate you guys – exhaust geniuses!

Outside her spiritual home!

We stopped off for a quick picture outside The Kennels (the GRRC’s club house) at Goodwood today. Obviously shut currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fingers crossed they will be re-opening sometime in July.

Out for a drive

Welcome Home

Mean Machine

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