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Love Those Wheels

Front Number Plate Sorted

Thanks to US firm ALFA9 I have managed to find a solution to fixing a number plate to the front of the car as I had no desire to drill holes into that gorgeous composite bodywork! The fix utilizes the tow hook eyelet and works a treat. It might not be full size, but something is better than nothing.


First Trip To Goodwood

Delivery Day

First sight of the car, but not quite in the spec I had ordered. After waiting two years and some very odd dealings with Alfa (who do need to sort out their customer service) I have finally ended up a with a Alfa Red example with full leather, carbon fibre pack and sports pack. So more or less everything I wanted except the faired in headlights which have not been made available for a UK coupe. To be honest the carbon fibre ones look very trick in real life!

What Does Not Kill You, Makes You Stronger

So it has been a few years since I have had the heart to post on this blog. Sadly I lost a business back at the end of 2012, this had a profound effect on both my professional life and my personal life. Refusing to let the actions of certain individuals beat me I have rebuilt the business (which is now better, stronger and more successful), overcome a mental breakdown and rebuilt both myself esteem and self belief. As part of that process I managed to scrap together the deposit for a Alfa 4C, not really knowing if I was going to be able to go through with the purchase, this acted as a beacon and drove me on. I also have to thank my good friend Brian for being so understanding when we had to sell the Lotus Elise we co-owned as I needed every penny I could get to survive in those dark moments. Finally I feel that the time has come to pick up the story and see if I did manage to get my hands on that Alfa…

Poetry In Motion

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 5.01.42 PM

Alfa Romeo 4C

Fell in love with this car in 2011 when Alfa unvalid the original concept, remember standing at Goodwood Festival of Speed on their stand for about 40 minutes just looking. Have now managed to secure an order (waiting list currently stands at 2 years) mine will arrive in June 2015 (long story). It will be a 2015 model which means fared in headlights and fingers crossed the new centrally mounted Akrapovic sports exhaust (recently shown on the Spider concept). Options include 19″ wheels, Rosso Competizone paint, full leather, race pack (includes, race tyres, race suspension, sports steering wheel and stiffer anti roll bars front and rear), black roof and sports exhaust. Excited not the word!

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