Settled on Twenties!

2005 Ford Mustang GT as she was at start of March 2010

Mods: 20” deep-dish ‘Bullitt’ wheels bespoke machined and custom powder coated in Ford Black. Toyos. Carbon Kevlar / Carbon Ceramic pads. Surrey Mustang spec 20% uprated and 1.5” lowered springs. Air Raid cold air kit. Matt Black wrap with Gloss black viper stripes. Steeda swirl plate (woohoo!). Beesting Arial. Godfather Air Horn. 1,000 Watt Shaker system.

Tractor stance. 18/20″ stagger.

An extra inch. Up to 18’s

Rollin’ on OE 17’s

Racing On A Budget

Jaguar XJS Racer

Richard’s car is the metallic blue with red tape on the lights

Meet Richard – a genuine clubman motorsport racer

First attempt at Body mods…

Although its probably never going to be finished, its given me a taste for changing the shape of old ‘Hell Yeah’…

1. Centre panel cut out of the donor hood

2. Panel raised into position:

3. Forming the sides from card and filler:

4. A coat of primer evens it out to gauge appearence:

5. Test fit. Maybe a bit much….


The end of my love affair with Big Twins and the start of the relationship with V8s…

Leader of the pack

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